What to Do for an Eye Health Emergency During Covid-19

What to Do for an Eye Health Emergency During Covid-19

If you experience an eye or vision emergency during the closures of the Covid-19 pandemic, you are urged to seek care immediately. Our optometry office remains open for essential and emergency care.

Dr. Wellensiek is taking steps to remain available for care for those patients needing urgent and/or essential care.  This will also be a great benefit to Colorado’s hospital emergency rooms, who are not in a position to treat eye emergencies at this time.

Our office is able to address the following issues:


Each optometry office has different processes and circumstances, so contact us to see what level of care we are able to provide during this time. Try your best to stay out of the overloaded emergency care offices.

If you’re having an eye care emergency, please call us at 720-453-1980.

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