Think You Might Have Cataracts? How to Tell

Cataracts can impact your vision and may eventually cause blindness if left untreated. As your eye doctor in Littleton, CO, we can help you determine when you have cataracts. We can also provide treatment to help protect your vision. Below, we’ve discussed how to tell when you’re being impacted by cataracts. Here’s what you need to know.

Know the Signs of Cataracts

The signs of cataracts may be subtle at first, which makes them difficult to detect. For some people, the first indication that they have cataracts is what the eye doctor tells them. Once the cataracts are more advanced, these are the symptoms:

  • Colors look faded
  • Night vision is poor
  • See a halo around the lights
  • There is a lot of glare from bright lights, making it difficult to see
  • Vision is blurry

See an Eye Doctor

Your eye doctor will be able to detect cataracts from their early stages, and will also be able to tell when cataracts are so severe that they need to be surgically removed. Seeing an eye doctor is an important way to maintain healthy eyes, even when you have cataracts.

Make Regular Eye Appointments

Give your eye doctor a chance to determine whether you have cataracts. Make regular eye appointments to get your vision checked. Your eye doctor will be able to diagnose your cataracts and tell you what should be done about them. If you notice the signs of cataracts, call your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Don’t let cataracts get in the way of your good vision. Contact Visionaire Eye Consultants for cataract care in Littleton, CO. Call today to make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment of cataracts.